Technology – it’s in our blood

When running your own business, you’ll experience a shift in what you need from your friends and family.

It may sound selfish, but it’s true. Humans are nothing if not symbiotic creatures, and we get different things from different people.

Typically, entrepreneurial types of people begin to migrate towards other entrepreneurial types, in a search for people who understand what is happening in their lives, the new types of challenges they’re facing and perhaps even someone with a skill set you desire.

Ask any business owner what the single most annoying thing about their current relationships is, and they’ll tell you that it is people trying to relate to their situation by using their stress levels, work load or lack of sleep in their 9-5, when they really, really aren’t the same.

At RNBTech, we know what you’re going through because we’ve been there ourselves, and we put every single one of our agents through an entrepreneurial training program that has them run a department or small business for 6 months. To a lot of people this sounds a little bonkers, but to our clients it makes a world of difference.

RNBTech is a business consultancy firm, specializing in operations and logistics. Before you start thinking that this isn’t the type of firm you need, think again. Every business, no matter how big or small, has operations and logistics in some form or another. We’re the partner you didn’t know your business needed.

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